Under the Flea

Filmed off the coast of California in an underground catnip deposit, the discovery of two specifically significant specimens is set to capsize the field of Marine Biology. This pair of illustrious sea creatures are some of the largest ever to explore the depths of Earth’s oceans and science has finally managed to capture both of them in a single frame.

The wild Catback Whale and the elusive Fat Fish are rare specimens indeed. Most seekers of these sea demons, including those who have devoted their entire career to such efforts, would be considered lucky to ever catch a single glimpse of the duo in an entire lifetime of searching. As such, no official sightings have ever been reported and most facts and figures of these large mammals have relied heavily on folklore. Mere stories, passed down through generations. What does it take to finally capture such unpredictable and illusive beasts? Timing, opportunity, luck, and, above all else, a little dream dust.