Game Review - Dark Souls II

This is the ideal iteration for anyone who was waiting to jump aboard the “Souls” franchise funbus. Little do they know that funbus will soon crash into some statue of a bat-winged God and without a fragrant branch...well, it’ll get complicated. 

Honestly, this is one of the greatest, and truest, RPG experiences of all time. Combat is fun and engaging, the story hits peaks that are absurd, and the world is as diverse as it is massive. Dark Souls may have a different sense of fun than you’re used to, but once you start to love it and hate it and then love it right before hating it again, you’ll be too addicted to quit. There’s also a mini-game where you try to avoid smashing your keyboard, or controller, into plastic dust out of pure frustration. Then, of course, a part where your lungs have to evade inhaling any of that plastic dust or else they’ll turn inside out. 

It’s complicated – just keep rolling. Praise the sun.

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