Game Review - Duck Game


There is hope floating in the lakes of this world. A world that's brimming with games featuring over-complicated controls and long, uninteresting story lines. Duck Game rockets you directly into a dimension of hip, gladiatorial ducks – all forced to fight in a variety of simulated environments. No questions asked. There are dozens of customizables, plenty of weapons, and multiple combat-quack variations. It’s quite possibly the best party combat game ever made and most definitely the best duck-themed game ever made. If it looks like a good time, sounds like a good time and plays like a good time, then, brother, you got yourself a good time. 

Duck Game is polished and easy to pick up. It requires both skill and strategy, but there’s a balance of random variables to keep things interesting. A spiritual successor to Duck Hunt in the sense that the ducks have now evolved to use the guns and now hunt each other wearing funny hats.

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