Game Review - Faster Than Light

You unlock the door to your ship with a key made from imagination. Beyond it, another dimension shrouded in absolute darkness. Charting your course through dangerous deep space is the least of your worries as you struggle to maintain your haphazard crew and an entire universe of problems. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of things. Nodding your head to the mesmerizing sounds of the game, it won't be long until you'll be moving throughout the stars at breakneck speed; biting your nails and mashing the pause button during tense moments of, possibly unwinnable, combat until it all starts to run together.

You'lllosecrewaftercrewaftercrewandastimeslipsthroughyourfingersandyouforgetwhereoneshipsjourneyendsandthenextbegins. Where are we? There's a signpost up ahead - the speed limit reads, "Faster Than Light".

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