Game Review - Cuphead


Listen up, kids! Here’s the lowdown on a pair of trigger men that are plenty rugged and cool for sipping. For two sawbucks you’re in for an experience that’s all aces. I’m telling you it’s a real ring-a-ding-ding. Cartoon crusaders Cuphead and Mugman stand side-by-side, ready to embark on a hardboiled co-op bullet hell that’s been perfected for the modern age. Sharp controls! Electrifying scenery! Mental anguish! All of them can be yours!

Each frame has been painstakingly hand drawn in the fashion of a Max Fleischer flick. Grab a friend to throw lead against the toughest goons on Inkwell Isle. It’s boss battles galore as you shoot ‘em up and collect souls to repay Satan himself. Keep your peepers peeled for patterns and prepare yourself for death after death after death. Outfit your mug with all sorts of snazzy abilities to help put the screws to these saps. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Well? What are you waiting for? I’m not flapping my gums for nothing over here, short stack. Shake a leg and bump off the devil, already!