Game Review - Fire Pro Wrestling World


If you weren’t ready to rumble, now would be the perfect time. Fire Pro Wrestling World is the latest installment of the beloved Japanese pro wrestling series which also marks its first appearance on the PC. Old school fans will remember fumbling through complicated menus and memorizing a handful of Hiragana letters in order to play. Not anymore! This groundbreaking grappler has never been more accessible and the addition of the Steam Workshop means it’s never been easier to fight your wildest dreams to the death.

The formula hasn’t changed much, but it didn’t have to. Take your surprisingly-detailed 2D combatant into the 3D squared circle and wreak havoc. A new tutorial mode exists to make things easier on rookies, but everything is as straight-forward as ever. Only a jabroni would even consider button mashing. Fire Pro has always been about perfectly timing your moves and balancing your stamina en route to a flawless victory. Tag teams, steel cages, barbed wire, battles royal, landmines, kickboxing, MMA rules, or just plain old fashioned pro wrestling are just a few of the options available to you. Outside of the fighting, Fire Pro has always been about customization. Design your own refs, rings, belts, movesets, and, of course, wrestlers, with an easy-to-use editor featuring an impossible number of combinations. It’s the only wrestling game you’ll ever need and arguably the only one that ever needed to be made. Fight!