An expansive free-for-all featuring paramilitary combat and tactical shooting. If you feel like taking a long walk, or if you’re a runner, this will be the most dangerous game of battle royale that you’ll hunger for. I crammed all of those references in there just like you and 99 other contestants will get crammed into an aircraft carrier at the start of each match.

You’ll then be flown over a sprawling island that is dotted with barriers, houses, weapons, and vehicles of all kinds. While in the plane, your ears will be subjected to the high-pitched squeals and horrifying racist remarks of your competitors, adding to the droning hum of the engines. A mixed blessing of online gaming. Once you’ve had enough, you are free to parachute anywhere onto the island below. From then on, you’ll only experience eerie silence marked with occasional bursts of gunfire. The juxtaposition will be stunning.

Sitting and embracing the scenery is unfortunately not on the itinerary. Instead, you’ll be rummaging through every possible nook and cranny in an ill-fated attempt to arm yourself and become the last man standing. As time ticks on, you’ll be forced to center yourself within a randomly placed circle on the map that will shrink over time. If you’re stuck outside the circle, you’ll be swept up and cleansed by an ominous blue wall of death. It keeps the action moving and ensures you won’t be stuck in a corner, clutching a rifle and staring out of a window for the majority of the game.

PUBG is traditionally played in third person, but you can easily switch to iron sights or dive into a forced first-person perspective . Duo and squad modes are also available if you’re one of those weird gamers that has real friends. Have fun listening for footsteps together and relish the fleeting moments of an intense firefight. Best of luck feeding yourselves with that ever elusive chicken dinner.