Game Review - Wreckfest


What started as Next Car Game four years ago is now called Wreckfest. I tried to pitch them the name Race Wars instead, but I guess it never took. While the initial build is barely recognizable when compared to this polished final release, the premise has remained unchanged. Wreckfest is built around the concept of auto racing being fun, but not as fun as smashing cars into each other. Every event is part race and part destruction derby. Your car can be bumped, bruised, and maybe even completely destroyed. It’s a satisfying relief from the sterilized format of most racing games. If someone speeds past you, you have the option to plow them through a wall and crash them out of the event, leaving their digital families reeling in horror.

There are no outlandish weapons at your disposal and Wreckfest treads a comfortable middle-ground between an accessible arcade game and a simulator. You can fine-tune almost every aspect of your hot rod, from what’s under the hood to what’s painted on top of it. Winning earns you credits that you can spend on parts or to unlock new vehicles. The AI provides a perfect challenge, but you’re free to test the mettle of your pedal in multiplayer matches with up to 24 competitors. You won’t be limited to racing, as there are a variety of modes to enjoy including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and of course, destruction derby, where the crash physics can really shine. In single player, you’ll also come across odd events like trying to survive six laps against 20 buses in a clunky three-wheeler. It’s all the variety you’d ever want from a racing game, made even more fun with the threat of smashing your car to bits. Wreckfest is a unique concept built on an incredible engine that makes the competition look like child's play.