The Dangers Of Basalts or Guacamole De Molcajete

For the last couple of months, it’s been all over the news. A mysterious new drug known as Basalt has hit the streets. They say that it causes a bizarre, insatiable hunger. After enduring an unforgettable jumble of questionable events and exhibiting barely legal behavior, we managed to get our hands on the stuff. We cut in a handful of garlic, some fresh chopped tomatoes, a few bits of onion, and a scattering of spices. Then we buried the blend under a heap of avocado to mask the Basalt. Using a stone, we started to grind the mix together; feverishly pulverizing every inch of it to make the most out of our stash. Finally ready, we popped a bit into our mouths. The rumors were all true. All it took is one bite. One taste. We were hooked for life. No more gua-faux-mole, they just don't taste the same. Nothing tastes the same. Everything changed after that first bite. Now I subconsciously spit lesser dips out of my mouth and let them dribble onto the floor where they belong. Right onto the floor! That's where the animals eat and that's simply not who you are anymore. Cucumbers, chips, tacos – nothing is be safe. This Basalt guacamole is universal. All accepting. Allow yourself to slather it on nearly anything. It will turn you into an all-consuming monster. Top of the world! Until there's no food left, of course. Then you'll be in trouble. Now the Basalt is in control and it will have no choice but to finally consume you.