Ice Cream Time Machine or Paletero De Ayer

While Niederfrank’s Ice Cream can be found throughout several independent San Diego shops, it’s always best to get the stuff straight from the source. Utilizing old school ice cream manufacturing techniques, which have remained consistent since the company opened in 1948, Niederfrank’s is well deserving of the title of “San Diego’s Best Ice Cream”. Every single one of their recipes calls for legitimate fresh fruit or nut ingredients or extracts made entirely from natural sources.

With a rotating menu of over fifty different delicious flavors to choose from, your insulin may spike and you may go cross-eyed before you even get a taste. Visiting their one and only original location in National City is worth the drive. Mostly because it gives you the sense of stepping back in time. You even have to pay in cash. Brandishing a credit card will likely get you identified as a witch, causing you to be promptly chased away with a broom for your shenanigans.

The whole place is very quaint. Maybe too quaint. It feels like you're visiting your Grandmother as you tiptoe around, minding your manners and trying not to knock any knick-knacks off the shelves. Everything here is done the old fashioned way and you get the sense that nothing about that will change any time soon. That is until a giant truck rumbles into a parking space outside, breaking the silence and unleashing the sounds of ringing cell phones and chatty teenyboppers.

After settling on our flavors, we opted for sugar cones to hold our frozen confectioneries. Flavor was heartily packed into every morsel and lapping up the melted overflow was more of a delight than a chore. That isn't to say that ice cream can ever be a bad thing. It was just extra good here.

That said, White Chocolate Chunk and Mexican Chocolate come heavily recommended. It is likely that each of Niederfrank’s flavorful reincarnations are sure to get the attention of your taste buds. Finding your way to this specific location isn't absolutely necessary, but if you decided to take the pilgrimage to this purveyor of the frozen treat to appease the dessert demigods – you won't regret your sacrifice.