Game Review - OlliOlli

OlliOlli is an oxen-free, arcade skateboarding sim that spits in the face of a Z-axis. While it may only span two dimensions, the depth of this sick trick-busting experience is considerable. The simple combination of a mere four buttons, joystick included, can land you over 120 different moves, grinds, and spins across an expansive series of levels. 

OlliOlli is also able to delicately balance between “fun-difficult” and “♥♥♥♥this-difficult” without ever falling on its face. You’re not going to want to fall on your face either, as that will mean the end of your run. Perfection is encouraged. It’s up to you to groove and flip your way each course at breakneck speed without smashing your skull and getting sent back to the starting gate. Think Bit Trip Runner meets Tony Hawk. Bonus points for not being a poser.

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