Game Review - Road Redemption

Remember Road Rash? Kind of? Okay, that’s good enough. The homicidal motorcycle racing genre never went stale. Instead, it kind of never went anywhere. Those games died on the side of some infinite stretch of desolate highway in the late ‘90s. Luckily, the people at DarkSeas flipped open their Necronomicon and decided to revive it with style. They're calling it Road Redemption and I couldn’t be happier. It’s at least ten times the skull busting, engine revving, cap popping, and jump jetting you can remember.

Set in a world where cars can, and occasionally will, rain from the sky, this is the Road Rashiest rehash imaginable. Calling it a tribute doesn’t even do it justice. Road Redemption does more for this niche racing genre than any game before it. It’s nearly perfect and, technically, not even a finished product. Part rogue-like, part RPG, and all high-octane violence, this game is both incredibly easy to get into and difficult to perfect. Careen across skyscrapers and swerve around crumbled competition – there are a ton of surprises folded into this one.

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