Hong Kong Healthy or East Meets Zest

Talking somebody into an eating an egg roll is never going to be difficult. Pork, cabbage, ginger, and onion all held together by a flaky outer crust? You'd raise more questions if you were to deny such a treat. Of course, America took the whole thing too far and created the Southwest Eggroll. This incarnation is deep fried, with spicier innards more akin to a burrito, and you’re twice as likely to have a heart attack after hammering down a plateful. Here at Bean and Cheese, we attempted to create something in-between the two. An attempt to achieve perfect balance and create harmony in both our home and ourselves. Exercising our Chan, we set out to walk the middle way.

We settled on several spice-heavy and, primarily, healthy ingredients. Corn, cayenne pepper, black beans, spinach, onion, ginger, seasoning salt, and a light sprinkling of cheese to be entirely specific. After combining each of the elements thoroughly in a bowl, we took great care in gently spooning the mixture onto the egg roll wrappers. Contorting each thin, floury sheet of dough around the stuffing, allotting for absolutely no leakage, is the most meticulous step. Once you’re able to wrap your mind around the formulaic folding process, it becomes second nature. You’ll find yourself falling into a trance where complete focus is no longer necessary and muscle memory takes over entirely. Total Wang Shen. We then lightly outlined each of our creations with a coat of olive oil, carefully applying textured strokes to fill in any missing areas. That was the secret to creating this masterpiece. Finishing up, we inspected each piece to ensure they were fit to be cooked and, of course, threw any female egg rolls directly into the trash.

Less than twenty minutes later, every piece had been cooked flawlessly. Each bite yielded a satisfying crunch that was perpetually enlightening. These tasted much healthier than the average egg roll, be it Southwest, Far East, or not, and they took under an hour to complete from start to finish. That’s faster than takeout. It may not be enough to completely unhook you from the clutches of a classic Chinese egg roll, but damn if it wasn’t a spirited effort at an alternative.