Game Review - Streets of Rogue

The Streets of Rogue can be paved in gold if you manage to swindle, steal, scare, or beat enough of it out of fellow residents. It’s not all about the gold, of course. Sure, it might be if you’re playing as an investment banker, but what if you decided to start as a gorilla? In that case, the streets are probably filled with the dismembered corpses of anyone who didn’t agree with your lifestyle. 

Streets of Rogue is the only roguelike game that allows you to live out a mischievous, pixelated life across several sandbox-style environments as you complete missions that are as deep, or as shallow, as you want them to be. Hack into computers, tell jokes, recruit followers, do drugs, make other people do drugs, set traps, create distractions, sneak around, murder everyone, die trying – there’s no limit. With dozens of character types and a seemingly endless variety of items, each procedurally-generated world is littered with options. It’s also co-op, so feel free to create your own rag tag gang to watch each stage unfold like a wacky buddy comedy. I can’t think of a better way for you to spend all of your free time. Your next life may not be meaningful, but it will be fun.