Sugar Wookies or These Are The Cookies You’re Looking For

Sugar cookies are perfect in any social situation. Crowds will gather to grab handfuls at a time, sometimes even managing to spit out a “thank you” between bites. However, if you are after more than a simple “thank you”, cutting these same cookies into familiar Star Wars shapes and putting them in front of the right group of people may get you hoisted onto their cloaked shoulders and proclaimed a Jedi Master. We felt these were ideal for getting into the spirit last weekend for the 43rd annual Comic-Con here in San Diego.

Using space age cookie cutters, we blasted through a thin layer of dough to craft our memorable molds. They were all there: Wookies, droids, fellow Jawa scavengers, X-Wings, TIE Fighters, Millennium Falcons and small moons. Wait... that’s no moon, it’s a space station. We tried to fit as many characters as we could onto each sheet of sugary dough. Once the shapes were cut out and the excess dough was cleared, these celestial combat cookies didn’t take very long to cook. We simply set our oven somewhere between Tatooine and Mustafar, rotating each tray after a few minutes. We also did it using the force. That part is crucial.

The only downfall we encountered during the process was that somehow, and only after we were finished, cookies started to disappear. As if they were blown clean out of existence. Clearly this was a sign of internal warring factions. I suggest you take this precaution seriously and consider separating the Alliance and Empire cutouts unless you’re willing to chance turning your oven into a full-scale battlefield.

After cooking, we inspected the troops. The cookie shapes remained finely detailed. The Emperor attempted to disagree with us, wondering if our opinions on this matter were clear. That guy is such a pain in the ass. Visually, the possibilities here are unlimited. I figure that with a handful of the right sprinkles we would have been able to make these shapely Star Wars themed cookies even more impressive. You also have the option of going Hoth-core and icing the entirety of these cookies with any and all frostings available at your disposal. Trust me, it will increase the tastiness exponentially. With so many possibilities, it was hard to tell if this was the Endor the beginning of something much greater.

Thinner than your average sugar cookie, these confections had a crispier outside as opposed to the doughy treats that most are used to. Luckily, this size discrepancy did not hurt the general flavor and they were good, if not better, than usual. With one bite, you and your brain get a direct flight into Bespin. Cloud City. Heaven. Pure sugary ecstasy. A deep-set Wookie cry may even escape your lips. The Princess herself took one taste and turned towards me in excitement, “I love them!” she blurted.

I know.