Ten Minutes: 13.1

Half marathon stickers. Let’s talk about ‘em.

A full marathon is 26.2 miles and people run them constantly. If you want to run a half marathon, that’s fine. It takes a lot of effort to train and run that far. However, if you’re doing it just to slap a 13.1 sticker on the back of your SUV and showboat around the parking lot of a strip mall – go ahead and sit this one out. You did not run the whole thing. In fact, you only ran half of the thing and, as far as I know, nobody ever gets rewarded for doing half of anything. If you’re showcasing a 13.1 sticker on your car, at the very least you should be required to put your finishing time next to it. Hour? I’m intrigued. You walked it? Find another sticker. If you’re parked in the handicapped spot, you got me.