Ten Minutes: Bravery

A lizard once taught me that the difference between bravery and stupidity depends on the outcome. 

As I was enjoying a bag of potato chips, this lizard emerged out of the bushes and stared deep into my soul. “What a stupid lizard,” I thought to myself “jumping out at people like that. He’s bound to get himself squished.” The intense eye-contact was unrelenting. Uncomfortable, even. He was daring me to act, so I did. I threw him a potato chip and he snatched it up and scurried off back into the bushes.  Bold move. This little guy is taking risks. A different, lizard-hating American would have given him the boot on sight. He took a chance on an unpleasant stomping. He also took a chance on free food, and he was rewarded. 

Was he brave or stupid? I don’t know, but he’s eating potato chips while everyone else is eating bugs.