Ten Minutes: Paint & Sip

Not everyone is open to creative expression, but the promise of alcohol can sway even the most unwilling individual. Paint & Sip classes have cracked this code. There's nothing easy about painting, but even a tipsy housewife can pull off a sunset. Especially under the guidance of an undergraduate art student who is delivering pre-measured globs of acrylic paint to your side. As soon as you throw in a little instruction and a few bottles of wine, everyone becomes much more complacent in their ability. 

You can tell a lot about a person by their painting – most of all, how much free time they've spent painting. Personally, once I start paying for drinks, I stop paying attention. Now there’s a King Kong in my sunset and the rest of the class is looking at me funny. Deal with it. Regardless of skill level, everyone seems to really enjoy role-playing as a binge drinking artist for at least two hours at a time.