Ten Minutes: Postcard

Hi! Greetings from the dense tropics on the other side of the world. Our family is having a great time and we wish you were here with us. The kids and I do, anyway. Paul managed to get carried off by a giant beetle right after we checked into the hotel. It swooped down out of the sky like a hawk, stung him a few times, and flew right off. That is so like him! We’re all anxiously awaiting his return. Well, I am anyway. The kids went on a private tour with a group of locals three days ago. Something about a ritual sacrifice to a monster god? At least they’ll have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. There’s certainly nothing like that back home! As for me, it has been pretty peaceful but I am running out of food. Who am I kidding – please send help! We’re never going to make it out of here alive.