Ten Minutes: Spin Class

Riding a bike is a leisurely activity. Spin class is not. Upon arrival, you’re forced to trade in your shoes for a plastic pair of sneakers that rest on an oddly placed nub. That nub is used to physically lock you into your pedals so your legs won’t violently detach from your body as you attempt mach speed on a stationary bike. There is no escaping at that point.

The room is pitch black, but the instructor is illuminated in an ominous black light. Orders and motivational mantras are shouted from the front of the class as you pedal in unison to the thumping bass. Faster! It’s like a dance club on a viking longship. Elated gasps and shrieks are released around you at random – possibly the noises calories make as they’re incinerated. After almost drowning in sweat, you’re allowed to unclip, pour out of the class, and wobble back to your car.