Game Review - Toribash

The only game in the world that allows you to rip your friends apart, frame by frame. Toribash pits two players in a duel against each other in variety of ridiculous and realistic scenarios. Fighting consists of individually controlling your character's limbs and joints for a handful of animation frames at a time. Then you pause, readjust, and continue – rinse and repeat.  It’s part turn-based combat, part puppetry, and part animation studio.  Some slightly bizarro-world physics will also be a factor to consider.  All of these pieces culminate in a savage showdown between two complete strangers, or good friends, that will likely end in one of you being killed. 

No game can emulate a free-form fight better than this. Join a Judo tournament, wrestle for dominance over a set of spinning blades, or go nuts with nunchucks on top of a castle wall. The list of mods and options combine for an infinite number of experiences. The learning curve is steep, double black diamond steep, but the game is always accessible against those of a similar skill level. 

Denying yourself a run at Toribash, a completely free game with an original, perfectly executed, concept, should be criminal. I hope you allow yourself to experience the joys of using slinging your severed limbs into your opponent for a last-minute victory.  

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