UFC 182

UFC 182



Jones vs. Cormier
Cerrone vs. Jury
Marquardt vs. Tavares
Gaudinot vs. Horiguchi
Lombard vs. Burkman
Castillo vs. Felder
Brimage vs. Garbrandt
Jordan vs. Cannonier
Dunham vs. Damm


Jones (-179)
Gaudinot (+462)

to win $388


Jones x Cormier

Hate is a strong word, right? I guess I don't hate Jones the way Cormier might, but, while I admit he's the greatest fighter in the world (for now), he's not one of my favorite personalities. I'll do my best to consciously ignore my bias for this one. Just like you can't throw the word "hate" around, DC probably won't be able to throw Jones around like we're all dying to see. While I'll probably never find myself rooting for Bones, I just don't Cormier has the stick and stones to break him. DC's height will be his biggest disadvantage going into this fight and, as much as I don't want to see it happen, I think he gets finished in the distance.

Cerrone x Jury

Myles Jury is an undeniable talent at lightweight and a definite future title contender. He's going to have to brave the Wild West first, though. If you take Donald "The Cowboy" Cerrone lightly you'll end up with his whole boot in your ass. A lot of people think Jury's jiu-jitsu will be the deciding factor but I'm starting to think The Cowboy's WEC days have been forgotten. Cerrone may be a muay-thai machine but that house of horrors is built on a solid foundation of ghastly grappling. I expect Jury to get humbled on his way to the top in a compelling fight.

Marquardt x Tavares

The return of Nate the Great – former King of Pancrase and one of Jesus' most deadly disciples. A whirling MMA wrestling machine, Nate Marquardt always puts on an entertaining performance. He's going up against the durable and well-rounded Brad Tavares, who can dish it as good as he can take it. Honestly, I think Brad's biggest, if not only, advantage going into this one is his youth. Tavares hasn't showed a necessarily outstanding aspect of his game except his durability. If Marquardt drops this one, I'm blaming Father Time.