UFC 184

Rousey x Zingano - Picks & Predictions

Hey laaaaaaaaaadies


Holm Pennington

PARLAY: $20.15

Pennington (+610)
Ellenberger (-200)
Salazar (+220)

to win $666.56


Flip, Rip a Show, Strip and Rip a Hoe

Rousey x Zingano

There was I time where I likened the possibility of Rousey/Zingano playing out much like Jones/Gustafsson. I thought Zingano had all the right traits to at least give Rousey an especially competitive fight in every area. That was two fights ago. Now, I'm not sure if I would even put fake money up against Rousey.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Zingano fan and she's clearly the top contender. Cat's BJJ, wrestling, and muay thai are ace and constantly improving but she's going up against a demon. Rousey has looked unstoppable at every turn and there's no end in sight. What worries me most is Zingano's tendency to start slow and Rousey's ability to end every fight in the first round. The longer the fight goes, the more I expect to see out of the contender but I'm still not sold. If Cat has a clear advantage, I think it's in her striking. We haven't seen Rousey deal with a stellar offensive striking attack yet. Does she check this chicks leg kicks? Who knows, but that was fun to say...just like this will be fun to watch. 

Holm x Pennington

This scrap fell into the co-main slot because this card slowly started to fall apart behind the scenes. That's not to say it won't be a good fight - just a little tidbit of information. Holm is obviously known for her professional boxing prowess but she's currently undefeated in MMA with seven wins and six knockouts. That's a scary, high-profile injection into the UFC's female bantamweight division. Holm will be facing Raquel Pennington, a well-rounded, albeit low-ranked, UFC fighter who knows how to strike and finish a submission. Pennington is obviously expected to lose here, with Holm ideally taking her out quickly, garnering some attention, and setting up a future bout with Rousey. Holm/Rousey would still probably be a fight or two away, but this seems like the UFC's grand scheme. If Pennington wins, which isn't out of the question, Holm's stock will drop considerably. It's do or die for the ex-boxing champ. Consider it a coming out party but the balloons are all filled with poison and if they happen to pop everything will go terribly wrong. 

Ellenberger x Koscheck

I've never been a fan of Josh Koscheck and for that reason I've grown to love his fights. Koscheck has been fighting for so long that he still has that old school fairy dust on him; nearly guaranteeing a "moment" during each of his fights. Even in his Josh's most boring bout, his opponent tried to punch him in the mouth long after the bell rang. Sadly for him, ol' Kos is on the longest losing streak of his career and now he's being forced to fight a younger version of his same skillset. Again, I'm not a huge fan of Kos, but the humanitarian in me doesn't want to see him get brutally KO'd again like he was in his last fight. Luckily I'm not much of a humanitarian because Ellenberger is probably going to knock his block off. Ellenberger is known for his inconsistent performances, but I think he's got his head on straight for this one. Jake Ellenberger is a monster athlete with knockout power to spare and he's just getting started. Sorry Koscheck, but this is a changing of the guard.