UFC 192

Cormier x Gustafsson - Picks & Predictions


Cormier x Gustafsson
Bader x Evans
Jordan x Magomedov
Benavidez x BagEPOtinov
Pena x Eye
Rodriguez x Hooker
Jouban x Tumenov
Namajunas x Hill
Sagey-poo x Trevino
Cariaso x Pettis
Lewis x Pesta


Bader (+130)
Jouban (+230)
Lewis (+140)

to win $344


I’m rooting for Gustafsson to continue the esteemed tradition of winning the belt off a loss. Do it like the Cormiers, Coutures, and Ruas before you.

DC x Gus

I'll keep this short because it could go either way and I don't want to read this and feel embarrassed about it later. Gus will obviously need his mace-like fists and slick stand-up to take Cormier out. The Swede's length could come in handy, but I  don't think he'll be able to keep the champ off of him.  Believe me, I'm as much of a mark for Gustafsson as anybody but I think Cormier has the ability to grind out everyone at LHW except Jon Jones.  That is, unless, he gets knocked in the head. Great matchup. Can't wait.  

Bader x Rashad

Ryan Bader has always floated around the top 10, but his current streak marks a high point in his career. Rashad Evans is a longtime legend and former champ, most famous for stealing Chuck Liddell's soul, and has a fair amount of highlight KOs for a wrestler. Evans is <i>always</i> game, but after two years off you have to wonder if he's ready to take on this stellar version of Bader. Despite somewhat of an overlap in their skillsets and the fact that Rashad, again, looks like an ebony statue, I think 2015 Bader takes this one. This Bader beat OSP. This Bader beat Phil Davis. This Bader beats Rashad, too.