UFC 194

Aldo x McGregor - Picks & Predictions

Ultimate Tag Team Match:
Aldo + Pride take on McGregor + The UFC’s Plan


Aldo x McGregor
Weidman x Rockhold
Romero x Jacare
Maia x Nelson
Holloway x Stephens
Faber x Saenz
Torres x Lybarger
Lee x Santos
Makdessi x Medeiros


Aldo (+100)
Rockhold (+120)
Jacare (-140)
Nelson (-110)

to win $268


Aldo x McGregor

Five months later and not a moment too soon. I’ve been watching MMA religiously for about nine years now and I’ve never seen Aldo lose. He’s the scariest featherweight in the world and I have no reason to believe otherwise. McGregor’s antics have been incredibly entertaining and his skills, and performance against Mendes, shut up his critics. Now that there’s no turning back and the fight looks like it’s actually happening, the talk seems to have ceased. McGregor’s yelling and screaming, his maniacal prodding and jabbing, have been put aside for now. These two seem intensely focused after the July setback and this fight, now, looks like more business than hype.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, and that’s most likely a product of the UFC’s hype machine. In reality, why would I think McGregor has a chance? I’ve seen Aldo murder men – dangerous, prepared men, in under ten seconds. I’ve also seen him beat competitors around the ring for 25 minutes, bell to bell. McGregor’s style reeks of its own unique brilliance, but his biggest weapon looks to be his mind. I think the talk will start again as soon as the ref says “go”. Like the Diaz brothers, he’ll try to frustrate Aldo into making a mistake and then capitalize. Nice and vague, just like that. The problem is the champ has been here before and I don’t think he’s going to play into McGregor’s game. This fight comes down to stand up prowess and the Irishman leaves his legs a little too wide and whip-worthy for the champ. Despite being much larger than Aldo, without his speed and his legs, he will be picked apart. I’ll be rooting for McGregor with my heart but my brain won’t budge from Aldo. Let’s see what happens.

Weidman x Rockhold

This fight is incredible. Rarely, if ever, do we see two fighters, in their unquestionable prime, get together for some kicky-punch. Even rarer, is when they’re both equipped with superlative skills on the feet, in the clinch, and on the ground. Both Weidman and Rockhold are finishers and this fight is going to be hell on fire. Weidman hasn’t tasted defeat in the UFC and, since these aren’t Chippendales tryouts, things look good for him against Rockhold. I’m not necessarily qualified to give a technical breakdown here, if you missed my use of “kicky-punch” earlier, so I’ll keep it light. 

Despite this new diet talk, Weidman is bigger and thicker than Rockhold. Rockhold, on the other hand, is long and springy, and he uses this to his advantage in every position. On the feet, Weidman will probably want to get in close and make things ugly while Luke bounces around the outside, cutting angles, and throwing kicks. Rockhold criticizes Weidman for “fighting with his balls”, which makes me think he’s going to bait the champ into an aggressive frenzy. The problem is that Chris Weidman’s aggressive frenzies knock out guys like Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort. Luke Rockhold has a lot of ways to win, but I think his strategy is going to walk a fine line of success. I think Chris closes the distance and puts enough pressure on Rockhold to eventually crack him. That top game is beastly, kids. Rockhold will be most dangerous at distance and in the scramble, but I don’t think the champ lets him sit comfortably. I can’t wait.