UFC 201

Lawler x Woodley

Picks, Parlay, and Predictions

It's hot in Atlanta because this card burned down and I'm still fired up.


Lawler x Woodley
Thug Rose x Kowalkiewicz
Brown x Ellenberger
Perez x Rivera
Krylov x Herman
Masvidal x Pearson
Reis x Sandoval



Woodley (+110)
KK (+165)
Ellenberger (+230)
Perez (-160)
$1.11 to win $32.01


Lawler x Woodley for the welterweight belt

Lawler hit hard. Me love Robbie champ - old school style. His breed endangered species. War so good, but fight so close. Maybe this not forever, but fun while lasts. Judges like, too. Rocky road but Lawler safe here. Too tough to lose.

Woodley fast but his wrestle no work on Robbie. Tyron hit hard but Robbie fight better. Maybe he catch but me doubt finish. Me guess he try to wrestle early to slow champ down, instead. If he get clubbed, gameplan out window. Tyron talented but wild like mastodon. Champ Lawler can take time, find late finish. Me happy either way. Fun to watch. Winner fight Wonderboy. Wonderboy scarier than both.

Rose Namajunas x Kowalkiewicz

Thug Rose cool. Everybody like. She have crazy style, effective against all opponent. Wild, risky, much entertainment. Seem unstoppable and limbs so long. Enough to keep Polish striker outside? Me think so. Maybe Rose force KK to grapple, where Thug have advantage. Never know in women MMA.

Small Polish girls dangerous. Karolina Kowalkiewicz second one. Name no sound Polish to me (just kid). She undefeated and tough as rock. Rose fight is biggest fight, but Polish KK show patience and power. Kowalkiewicz well rounded but no reinvent wheel. She use classic technique while Rose more abstract than cave paintings. Winner fight Polish JJ. Will be Polish KK? Me think no, but fun if so. Go Rose!

Caveman copout edition.