UFC 204

Bisping vs Hendo II

Picks, Parlay, and Predictions

Revenge Tastes Sweeter This Side of the Pond


Bisping x Hendor
Mous x Belfort
OSP x Manuwa
Struve x Omielanczu
Bektic x Doane
Alcantara x Pickett
Tumenov x Edwards
Perry x Roberts



Bisping (-250)
Mousasi (-350)
Struve (-185)
$10 to win $17.73


Mediocre matchups and middleweight mettle in Manchester

Michael Bisping x Dan Henderson for the Middleweight Championship

At UFC 100, Dan Henderson launched a right hand that turned Michael Bisping into a mummy. Bisping fell backwards, completely stiff, to the canvas and was quickly pursued by an aerial Henderson who had wound up for the most cartoonish follow-up strike of all time. It was completely uncalled for but it also turned into one of the most iconic knockouts in the sport’s short history. Now, with Bisping touting the middleweight belt, Henderson has been summoned from the depths of the division for a handpicked title shot. Mike Bisping is peaking and Henderson, at 46, is on his way out of the sport. What better time for Bisping to ask for a rematch/revenge? It may not be fair to the rest of the contenders, but it’s good business.

Dan Henderson is a former Olympic wrestler with monster power in both hands. Unfortunately, years have fighting have turned his gameplan into the ol’ shuffle-shuffle-hook on repeat. Michael Bisping has great technical boxing, especially under his new coach Jason Parillo, and should be able to avoid circling right (left?) into a powerful right hook...this time. Bisping looked awkward and out of his element in the first fight and now he should be on top of the world. All respect to Dan Henderson, as he’s probably the best fighter that ever lived when you look back at his record. The only organization Hendo hasn’t had a belt in is the UFC and he’ll get his chance to retire with gold tomorrow. More likely, though, Bisping gets his revenge in Manchester and puts the final bow on Henderson’s legacy. I love them both, but I’ll be rooting for Bisping. As always. If Henderson decides to retire, as he should, then we owe him thanks. He has given us some of the best fights we’ve ever seen and has been game in the sport for almost twenty years. We should be proud that the best fighter that ever lived was an American.

Gegard Mousasi x Vitor Belfort

Mousasi is a unique prospect. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters in the world who also has the ability to be completely forgotten about by the end of the night. By no fault of his own, either. He has exciting fights and can handle himself in every area, but his outward persona can turn a raucous crowd flaccid in a matter of seconds. I find his deadpan demeanor hilarious, but he doesn’t exactly come off like a firework. Fine with me, as his highlight reel speaks for itself. It’s just not going to get him a shot at gold anytime soon unless he starts running his mouth. These days, you need highlights inside and outside of a fight to get properly promoted. He's long overdue for a title shot, but there’s a handful of other top contenders at middleweight already jawing for their place in line. 

I want Vitor Belfort gone already. He’s a legend, but he's also a cheat and he's had his run. I’ve said enough about him in the past and I hope Mousasi is able to take him out in fabulous fashion. Vitor has the power and speed to blitz anyone at 185 but he’s looked like a shell of himself lately. Half of his skillset seems to be missing and he didn’t look very enthused to be in his last fight. Well, neither did Gegard, but that's just part of his charm. In this era of drug testing, the only reason Belfort is still competing is so his fans can feign disbelief at all the asterisks on his record. Blech. Unfortunately, a win over him won’t do much for Mousasi’s ranking but hopefully it’ll add some excitement to this otherwise bleak PPV. A big win and the right words on the mic might just bump Gegard towards the top of the contender list.