UFC Fight Night 75

Nelson x Barnett - Picks & Predictions

Great card but without Lenne Hardt it just won't feel the same.
Can we at least get a white cage?


Barnett x Nelson
Mousasi x Hall
Camus x Horiguchi
Mizugaki x Roop
Brandao x Kikuno
Hein x Kasuya


Mizugaki (-224)
Kasuya (+285)

to win $326


Barnett x Nelson

If you're flirting with the idea of enjoying world-class heavyweight prize fighting, this is a great place to start.  Roy Nelson's stellar jiu-jitsu skill set is often eclipsed by his coma-inducing striking and, of course, his enormous gut. Grizzled, unshaven, and rugged in every aspect -the man is an instant fan favorite. Roy has been slugging through tough competition in the UFC with mixed results. He's remembered for his highlight-reel knockouts, and rightly so, but his grueling decision losses are often forgotten. I think Roy is on the downswing and Barnett will be there to scoop him up and dump him on his head.

Nelson is a veteran with over 10 years in the sport. Josh Barnett, on the other hand, is a warmaster sent from the underworld. He's been roaming these lands since the '90s and there's no reason not to love him. Unless you're still upset about the whole steroid thing. You know, when he ruined that fight with Fedor and  tanked an entire promotion? I've forgiven him, and so have the bat-winged Gods that guide Barnett. He's obviously put some miles on, but his grappling expertise is incomparable. Having spent most of his career in Japan, this is obviously a perfect location for this match. This fight will be interesting and competitive <i>and</i> it's between two giants of heavyweight MMA history. Nelson will probably be looking to take Barnett's head off, but I think it goes to the ground and Barnett goes for a leg.

Mousasi x Hall

An interesting late replacement, but I think it comes too early. The indomitable, smirking Gegard Mousasi will face the up-and-coming Uriah Hall, who is taking this fight on one month's notice. Hall has frightening power and isn't adverse to throwing the occasional wheel kick. He's dangerous and unpredictable, but I don't think he's been in the sport long enough to take on someone as crafty as Mousasi. 

Gegard Mousasi is always calm and has a bag full of tricks. I think he'll be able to overwhelm Hall and pick his way through in the standup. He has too much experience for the young Hall. He's too sharp. He's too quick! Boy, I tell ya – he's really gonna give it to 'em! This one should be fun, but it could also be a cautious, technical showdown. I'll love it either way.  Gegard takes it with dexterity.