UFC Fight Night 87

Overeem x Arlovski - Picks & Predictions


Overeem x Arlovski
Bigfoot x Struve
Tumenov x Nelson
Randamie x Elmose
Krylov x Barroso
KK x Jo Clark
Wade x Khabilov
Magnus x McLellan
Tuck x Emmett
Reza x Cabral
Horiguchi x Seery


Horiguchi (-500)
Wade (+175)
Tumenov (-177)
Bigfoot (+193)

to win $94

This card is definitely a homecoming for The ‘Reem and Struve; the world’s two favorite Dutch MMA fighters. Too bad they’re both at heavyweight and, unless we’re talking about the elite of the division,predicting these fights comes down to a coin flip.


Overeem x Arlovski

In this post USADA era, nothing is certain. We can no longer count on Overeem’s massive traps and pectorals to carry us to a knockout victory. To be fair, he effortlessly KO’d Junior Two-Saints in his last outing, but I’m not ready to fully commit. The same goes for Arlovski, who was looking at his career-best until he got his chin tapped on by Stipe Miocic.This fight will be a banger and I dare to say it will come down to durability over dexterity.

Arlovski is a former UFC champ, which people tend to forget because they fell asleep during his final tussle with Tim Sylvia. Some still haven’t woken up. He has a predisposition towards pugilism, but all the beards in the world can barely cover his glass chin. It’s a hapless combination. Even if Arlovski wins, you can almost bet he got dropped at some point. It’s part of the reason why we love to watch him fight. Overeem, thanks to years of science and horse meat, suffers from a similar problem – he’s a world-class kickboxer with a heavyweight frame and a middleweight head.

I’m going to guess that a strong kicking game will help Overeem keep his distance and, as he’s already more fluid and mobile, make him a difficult target for Arlovski’s dangerous mix of plodding and explosive offense. If The ‘Reem can keep a cool head with an entire arena backing him, he’s got this in the bag. 

Bigfoot x Struve

In this post USADA era, nothing is certain. Does that sound familiar? I think it’s echoing off the walls of an abandoned GNC somewhere in Brazil. Bigfoot Silva is the definition of a hit-or-miss fighter and he’s been on quite a skid, losing four of his last six, and I think he has a similar record with drug tests. He also has gigantism so...you know, that’s a decent reason to be on some questionable meds.

Struve is seven feet tall, but nobody tell him. He’s been fighting like a short guy for his entire career. Until he’s forced to fight off his back, of course. Only there can he find the inspiration necessary to throw his gigantic legs around your neck and crush you to death. Still, to have an pterodactyl-like 84” reach and not have a reliable jab or push kick is scary to watch. I love Struve, and at 28 years old he’s amassed an impressive hit-list, but he’s probably easier to recognize when his mouth is dangling open and his face is covered in blood.

One thing is for sure: this fight will look like a professional wrestling match, or at least a Jim Rose-style offering, on the outset. Both dudes aren’t super predictable, except when it comes to their shortcomings. Struve can get counterpunched and Bigfoot can get dropped. Luckily for each of them, Struve isn’t a knockout artist and Bigfoot isn’t exactly technical. Momentum, location, and time are all in Struve’s favor, so I expect him bring this one home for the Netherlands