Game Review - RimWorld

Most of this is up to you. Who you’re with, what you have, where you start – your choice. What happens to you, however, is a different story. 

After crash landing on a distant, alien planet, survival is the only goal. Build your base and maintain your colonist’s mental health while balancing intellectual pursuits and territorial control. The AI narrator is ruthless and unforgiving, forcing your space society to deal with everything from natural disasters to bloodthirsty troops of Yorkshire Terriers. Who knew sustaining life could be so hard? Witness, firsthand, the flawed dynamics of your very own Adam and Eve or lead ragtag group of tribesman towards civilization. 

As it turns out, colonizing an alien planet is also a grieving process. Let me walk you through the stages.

1. Denial
“This’ll be easy”, you think to yourself as the game starts without knowing how absolutely wrong you are. It’ll be dark soon and you don’t even have a bed to sleep in yet. 

2. Anger
Chopping down trees for a bed frame and four walls seems like a menial task. How borin...oops! The tree came down and crushed your leg. That’s going to slow things down.

3. Bargaining
Thankfully a band of traders is passing by your camp. They take pity and offer you a discounted peg leg. Score! Might as well get a few other supplies while you’re at it.

4. Depression
You shouldn’t have traded so much of your food for those supplies. Now you’re hungry. And everyone you meet thinks you’re weird because of your peg leg. Did those guys rip you off? 

5. Acceptance
At least you had the extra materials to finish building a spare room. You also fought off a deranged marauder and took him, and his two fresh legs, prisoner. Things are looking up. 

Almost anything is possible (thanks to a loyal modding community) and you’re given the opportunity to micromanage every aspect of the action or just sit back and watch it like a fish tank filled with interesting space creatures. Rarely is a game everything you ever wanted it to be. RimWorld is impossibly deep and equally entertaining. You won’t be disappointed.